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Episode 8. David Grewal on Network Power

The evolving global order has liberalized trade in goods, capital, ideas, and, to a lesser extent, people within a multilateral and market-oriented framework. Debates on globalization have focused on the question of whether this order is morally defensible. The arguments … Continue reading

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Announcing a Public Ethics column

Here’s something to keep you busy between PER episodes. Christian and I are going to start writing a regular column in the online magazine Policy Innovations. It’ll be called the Public Ethicist–or something like that. We’re still working out the … Continue reading

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New episodes coming soon

That’s right: new episodes coming soon! After a bit of an unplanned hiatus, we’re back at work churning out listening material for you fine listeners. First on deck, the long-promised David Grewal discussion on network power. That should hit the … Continue reading

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