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Episode 1 Transcript

We had a couple of requests for a transcript of Episode 1. Here it is. Download (PDF, 132 kb)

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Upcoming Episodes

To whet your appetite, here’s the release schedule for our next few episodes. 9/15: Leif Wenar (Kings College London) on the Resource Curse 10/6: Jessica Wolfendale (University of Melbourne) on Torture Lite 10/27: Larry Temkin (Rutgers) on Extending Human Lifespans … Continue reading

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Episode 1. Thomas Pogge on Pharmaceutical Innovation

In our first episode, Thomas Pogge explains his proposal for dealing with the thorny intersection of public health, property rights, and poverty. As he sees it, the patent system doesn’t work as well for medicines as it does for, say, … Continue reading


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Welcome to our show!

Hello, everybody. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of this brand-new podcast. The idea behind the show is to get careful thinking about political problems out into the world in a new way. Many of our discussions will be with … Continue reading

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